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Design Professionals: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out!

On Thursday, February 23rd local members of AIA, APA, ASLA, Nordic PCL, and NAIOP came together for food, drinks, trivia, and comradery. The event was hosted by ASLA at the Agora in the neighborhood of Kakaako and featured food from Flyin’ Ahi and beer and wine from Honolulu Beerworks. Splitting groups up into multidisciplinary teams helped people get out of their comfort zone and mingle with people they would not have otherwise met. It also helped diversify the group’s trivia knowledge as we were quizzed on various topics. The night was focused around two rounds of trivia, plus the all-important bonus round, and while ultimately only one group was crowned trivia champion everyone in attendance had lots of fun, food, drinks, and smiles, and many expressed their hope for future events.

Brent Wozniak, Planner

HHF Planners

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