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2023 Hawai‘i Chapter ASLA / David T. Woolsey Scholarship Winner

The Hawai‘i Chapter is pleased to announce the 2023 recipient of the David T. Woolsey Scholarship: Delphine Homerowski! Congratulations, Delphine! The Hawai‘i Chapter wishes you all the best in your future endeavors in landscape architecture.

This scholarship was established in memory of David T. Woolsey, an alumnus of California Polytechnic University and former principal in the firm of Woolsey, Miyabara and Associates. It is meant to advance Hawai‘i landscape architecture students' education and professional development.

About Delphine:

Originally from Marseille, France, and living in Honolulu since 2014, Delphine has experienced two very different cultures and ways of life that have shaped her understanding of the complex systems that surround us. Delphine’s academic and professional development have supported her curiosity and led her to seek a career where she can collaborate with people to design creative solutions for the current climate crisis. She seeks to work on large scale urban/public projects that design with empathy and that enhance ecological services to benefit humans, fauna, and flora alike.


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