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Kailua High School Career Fair

On Friday, November 17, myself, Robyn Sweesy and Judith Stilgenbauer attended the Kailua High School Career Fair. As representatives of Landscape Architecture, we prepared a display, had a youtube video on loop, supplied handouts, and brought various literature for the students to read and leaf through. As we engaged the students in conversation, I often asked, "What do you think a landscape architect does?" Students surprised me with answers like "maybe a landscape architect designs and shapes land," and "a landscape architect creates the spaces outside." I was encouraged and excited to hear share various students share their insightful definitions of the profession.

Throughout the course of an hour and a half we had engaging conversations with about 25-30 high school students about volunteer opportunities, high school coursework relevant to landscape architecture, degree programs, and career paths for landscape architects. These students are our future engineers, architects, planners, designers, contractors, nursery people, and landscape architects.

Thank you to Stacie Anne for organizing the Kailua High School Career Fair and for inviting ASLA to represent our profession. Thanks to the student volunteers and to the high school for hosting the career fair event.

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