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Sponsor Spotlight: Beachside Lighting

Mahalo nui loa to Beachside Lighting for their continued sponsorship and support of our local chapter!

Locally owned and operated in Hawaii since 1994, Beachside lighting is based in Kailua on Oahu’s windward coast. Beachside lighting offers copper and brass exterior lighting fixtures throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the mainland and international project sites. Here are a few exciting new fixtures….

At less than 2.25” square, the E3-SQL Steplight features louvers milled at 30 degrees, putting the light right where it is needed on the adjacent stairs, without glare.

At less than 25 watts combined, three Beachside model L-011 directional fixtures with glare shields illuminate the crown and trunk of this coconut palm, while throwing two “pools” of light down on the ground below.

The Beachside model L-010 in-grade uplight was used to illuminate these three coconut palms without visually detracting from the manicured grass going out to the beach.

Visit their website for their New Family of Contemporary Fixtures.

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