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LARE TalkStory

"Licensed professionals have a responsibility to encourage and mentor unlicensed professionals."

At the end of August, a variety of licensed landscape architects and emerging professionals gathered at Belt Collins Hawaii for a Lunch and Learn TalkStory about the licensure process. In a discussion led by Rachel Katzman, a recently licensed Landscape Architect, participants learned about the revamped licensure process. The presentation covered every aspect of seeking licensure from establishing a CLARB record to registering for the LARE and from study advice for the LARE to tips for the Hawaii Plant Material Exam.

One goal of the event was to explain to licensed professionals how the process and tests have been updated and changed since they took the exam in 5 sections on paper. While the digital format is different, it was discovered through our discussion that many of the topics covered are still the same. At the same time, it was our goal to bring together many unlicensed professionals in the state and connect them to their peers and relevant study materials to help them on their journey.

12 attendees participated in the discussion in person and at least 11 signed on to watch the live broadcast webinar version of the presentation. A PDF of the slides are available on the Hawaii ASLA LARE Prep website. Thank you to everyone who participated and followed up with emails after the event. We got great feedback regarding the presentation content and hope others find the materials useful as well.

If you'd like more information regarding study tips and the process to get licensed, feel free to contact Hawaii ASLA Secretary, Rachel Katzman.

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