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ASLA Hawaii Pau Hana @ Tchin Tchin

Big thanks to those of you who joined us for a toast and to kickoff the new year at Tchin Tchin on February 27th, (before the pandemic shut down our plans). We're eager to do this again soon! And in the meantime, we're looking for more ways to engage with our members. 11 members attended this last pau hana. Simon Bussiere, Nancy Cassandro, Wendie Mcallaster, Stephen Haus, Camilla Bassolo, Alberto Ricordi, Joel Kurokawa, Nicole Swanson, Phoebe White and Ariel Dungca. And prospective/future ASLA Hawaii member Halo Durak! :)

Please reach out to us (at if you'd like to try a Zoom Happy Hour as a chapter sometime in the next month.

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