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Hawaii ASLA members front and center in the delivery of UH’s MLA curriculum

The Master of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is in full swing and about to enter its third year—with the inaugural student cohort expected to graduate in May 2021. None of this would be possible without the skillful contributions of so many of our chapter members and the close ties between the professional community and the program!

During this calendar year, the following Hawaii ASLA members have served as part-time lecturers in the School of Architecture’s Bachelor of Environmental Design (BEnvD) and/or Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) programs:

Spring 2020

  • Ariel Dungca, ASLA (ARCH 202 Architecture Design Studio)

  • Grace Zheng, ASLA (ARCH 484 Plants in Design)

Fall 2020

  • Russell Chung, FASLA (ARCH 763 Advanced Project Design Studio)

  • Ariel Dungca, ASLA (ARCH 341 Intermediate Design Studio A)

  • Joel Kurokawa, ASLA (ARCH 636 Landscape Architectural Professional Practice)

  • Wendie McAllaster, ASLA, with co-instructor Adriane Truluck (ARCH 696 Special Topics in Landscape Architecture: Cultural Landscapes)

  • Richard Quinn, ASLA (ARCH 635 Landscape Materials and Construction)

They join full-time UH MLA faculty members Simon Bussiere, Hawaii ASLA President, Phoebe White, ASLA, Andy Kaufman, ASLA, and Judith Stilgenbauer, Hawaii ASLA Trustee.

Thus, currently approximately 13% of Hawaii ASLA chapter members are directly involved in the day-to-day delivery of landscape architecture course content at UH!

Effective August 1, past Hawaii Chapter President Grace Zheng, ASLA will begin her appointment as an MLA Program Affiliate Graduate Faculty member.

Over the years, numerous chapter members have graciously volunteered to present guest lectures and/or participate as jurors in design studio reviews at UH.

Hawaii ASLA members have also generously supported the MLA program through their important roles on the SOA Advisory Council (Tom Witten, FASLA), contributions to the UHF Landscape Architecture Development Fund, the LAF Woolsey Scholarship (Mike Miyabara, FASLA, et al.), endowed student scholarship funds (PBR Hawaii Scholarship), or fundraisers such as RE-LEI (Dawn Easterday, ASLA, Brad Tanimura, ASLA, et al.)

During the 2018 and 2020 iterations of [Ex]Changing Perspectives—a landscape architecture panel co-hosted by UH MLA, Hawaii ASLA, and SCASLA Manoa—chapter members Dana Anne Yee, FASLA, Tom Witten, FASLA, Nancy Cassandro, Hawaii ASLA President-Elect, Angelica Rockquemore, ASLA, Jim Nicolay, ASLA, Dawn Easterday, ASLA, Grace Zheng, ASLA, Wendie McAllaster, ASLA, and Joel Kurokawa, ASLA presented important aspects of their work to an audience of students and professionals.

Chapter members interested in supporting MLA students through tax-deductible monetary contributions to UH Foundation (e.g., Landscape Architecture Development Fund or named student scholarships) or getting more actively involved in the landscape architecture program at UH, should contact Program Director Judith Stilgenbauer, ASLA at

The landscape architecture program at UH would not exist without our Hawaii ASLA members’ numerous contributions and unwavering support!

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