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ASLA Hawaii Tee-Shirt Design Competition! CALL FOR ENTRIES

Hawaii Chapter ASLA presents a T-Shirt Design Competition!

We need YOU to design our new Hawaii Chapter ASLA T-Shirt. This design competition is open to all Hawaii Chapter ASLA members and UH students.

Design Guidelines:

Design an eye catching t-shirt that can promote the profession of landscape architecture to the broader audience. Let's have our shirts unify us as a group and help start a conversation about what we do and how we have the ability to promote change and positive impacts in our communities and the world.

Logos for the t-shirts should be somewhat typical in size, able to be applied to standard shirt formats, and may be front and/or back printed.

No reproduced or copyrighted images or designs will be accepted. All designs submissions must be original work.

SUBMIT your design in a single PDF by 5pm Friday ) October 9th to and

The competition winner will be selected by majority vote of all members of the Hawaii Chapter ASLA and UH SCASLA. The winning shirt will be manufactured with ethical practices in Hawaii. The winning entry will be awarded a cash prize of $250.

For more information, please contact:

- Competition Jury Chair, Kelsey Wai, ASLA

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